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Founded in 2013 Sleeklight Ltd is behind the design, manufacture and innovation of the Sleeklight range of lights; Home, Adventure and Nightlight.

The concept for Sleeklight was a complete accident. After sleepless nights with bathroom and kitchen lights left on all night by his children the company founder had his ‘light bulb’ moment and Sleeklight was born.

Sleeklight comes in 3 options Home, Nightlight & Adventure. I was given a choice of which light I want. We don’t really do much camping which is what the Adventure light is intended for and as I have 3 children who sometimes wake in the night I thought the nightlight would be the perfect choice and here it is.


This light is much smaller than I thought it would be. It fits in the palm of my hand. It’s a very basic simple design.


The sleeklight needs some activation before first use and this involves taking it apart to pull the plastic bit from the battery compartment. Now I have to admit I found this very fiddly and the plastic tag was a little jammed. Not sure if it was just my unit but I did have to pull hard to get it out. Then I found it difficult to put it all back together and at one point I worried it may break. Anyway after a few minutes of frustration I finally got it all back together.


The light is like a very small torch but it has no on/off switch. It is activated by tapping and it is quite sensitive so even a small touch or nudge will turn it on. It illuminates gently and stays on for a minute before eventually fading out.
It’s very bright for it’s size and illuminates rooms well during the night.


It comes with an attached suction cup so it can be stood up on units and bedside tables. It can also be kept on pillow to make children more secure. It’s very small and portable making it ideal for trips away.
I think it could maybe do with an on/off switch as even a slight touch can turn it on when not needed.


Sleeklight nightlight comes in a choice of two colours, pink or blue. It costs Β£18.00 and can be purchased from the Sleeklight website.

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