Fun with a giant bubble sword

I don’t know of any child who does not like bubbles. I think most adults secretly enjoy them too.
Bubbles are lots of fun and can usually be bought just about anywhere, even the corner shop. They are usually found in cylinder shape plastic pots which are the blown with a wand producing many small bubble balls.

But if your looking for something a little more spectaclar!! Perhaps even Guiness record spectacular! Then you may need to look a little further afield and perhaps head over to The Bubble Shop at Bubbleinc.

There you will find lots of products to make some pretty amazing and enormous bubbles. Wind powered bubble swords, bubble solutions, bubble machines and a whole lot more bubbly fun can be found.

Bubbleinc is owned by Samsam Bubbleman and as well as selling lots of bubble products, he and his team also put on numerous bubble performances around the world. They have performed for many big companies and famous people. They boast an amazing 9 Guinness world records which include Largest free floating bubble, longest bubble chain and people in a bubble. Information on each record can be viewed here along with some interesting bubble info.

The Bubble team sent us over one of their very popular products – Giant Bubble Sword
along with their Supapop bubble solution.


We were all very impressed at just how big this bubble sword is. I have not measured it but it’s very long and comes up to Izebellas shoulders tho she wouldn’t get a picture next to it. So here is Ryan instead.



It does not need batteries. To use it, just unscrew, add bubbles, put back together and good to go. The sword does come with it’s own ready made bubble solution. We also have the Supapop solution (Β£4.99 250ml) which is believed to be the best bubble solution in the world. This is quite a believable statement considering 9 World records were made using this stuff. This bubble solution is concentrated and needs diluting with water before using. This is the solution we are using at the moment.


Using the Giant bubble sword takes a little practice to get the big bubbles. The sword has a trigger which is pressed to form the bubbles and then let go to release the bubble. We find it best to hold the sword high in the air and move around slowly.
The size of the bubbles is amazing.


Some very strange long shapes too. I don’t think I have ever seen bubbles so big and at least not the type you can make in your own garden.
The sword holds a lot of mixture and can easily be topped up any time.



It’s also a good idea to not have washing hung out when playing with the bubble sword as I found out in this video clip.

One of these Giant Bubble swords costs Β£10.99 which I don’t think is too expensive. It will bring hours of outdoor fun and children can show off their huge bubbles to neighbours and friends. The Supapop solution is a separate optional purchase. The sword comes with it’s own ready made solution.

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  1. September 9, 2014 / 20:30

    We love bubbles….
    WOW! What very impressive bubbles! Fantastic x

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