Kids Gardening Set (personalised)

Our garden is looking rather messy with grass slightly overgrown and a few weeds popping up. I hate gardening and try to avoid it as much as possible.
With the arrival of a kids gardening set from Big Little Things Ryan seemed only too happy to get the garden gloves on and start mucking in.


This set costs Β£19.95 and comes in a choice of blue or pink.
It’s a great little set and just perfect for children and little hands. The best bit of course is that it can be personalised and every child just loves things with their names on. This is an example of what the personalisation looks like.

The set comes with a pouch which attaches around the waist to hold the tools. The tools being a garden fork and a trowel.

There is also a pair of garden gloves included too.
The tools seem pretty strong and sturdy considering they are made for children. They have tough wooden handles and metal frames. Ryan did a fair bit of pulling and digging and they did not break nor bend.



I think Ryan was so excited about his gardening set that he forgot he still had his pyjamas on. Once dressed he went straight out into the garden to do some digging.


The Kids Garden Set is made by a company called Little Pals and can be purchased over at Big Little Things. It makes a perfect gift for mini gardeners in training.
Izebella had her eye on it but I had to hide it from her. The fork is just ever so slightly risky for her to get hold of. The kit is suitable for slightly older children ages 3 and over.

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