Mad about Ponies from Interplay


The last week of the a school holidays seemed to drag on. Kids were getting a little fed up and Mummy’s purse was a little empty. Luckily we were sent a lovely pony craft kit from Interplay UK.

Mad about Ponies makes a great party time solution kit but it can also be used at home between friends. Inside the box is 6 resin-cast horse models, small paint pots, brushes and items for a racing game.

There is enough for 6 children in total.

The idea is to first paint and decorate the horses and then race them later. The paints are all horsy colours such as brown, black, cream etc. I decided to throw in a few more bright colours in case they wanted more funky looking horses.


So Jordanna and a friend did all the horse painting. Ryan did not want to join in and Izebella is a little too young for them.


On the instructions are images of how the horses can be painted. Jordanna decided to follow these.



They have so far painted 3 horses and leaving the other 3 for another time.
Once painted and dried, the girls then set up a game.
There are 3 different games that can be played and each involves setting up the cardboard jumps and rolling the dice.


The number of the dice corresponds to either the number of moves over the jumps or penalty points depending on what game is chosen.


I think the girls had lots of fun both decorating their horses and playing a game and it certainly passed a good hour or so.
The Mad about Ponies craft set costs Β£19.99 from
Interplay. I can see it being perfect for small parties and especially parties at home.

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