Making Butterfly Masks

No little princess is quite complete without a pretty mask for the ball. My little princess along with her brother (The Prince) have been busy creating their butterfly masks thanks to a lovely little kit from Great Gizmos.


It’s a very simple kit, no complex parts or anything like that. In fact it’s so simple to do the instructions aren’t really needed. It comes packed in a cardboard sleeve and quite simply contains 3 cardboard pre printed butterfly masks, mask sticks/holders and a pack containing paints, glitter and sticky tape.


It is really just a case of painting the masks, adding glitter and then attaching the mask holder with tape. There are a few ideas of how to paint them on the box which Ryan followed with his mask. Jordanna did her own design and we still have one spare for a rainy day. There is also paint mixing information on the box to create extra colours if you wish.

Here are the finished masks, painted and glittered and all ready for the ball.



They very much remind me of those very old, sometimes eerie looking ball masks.

This set costs Β£9.95. In my opinion I think it’s overpriced for what’s inside. There are 3 masks provided and it passes half an hour or so when kids are bored. The masks can look quite good if painted right but I just don’t think it’s worth almost Β£10.
It’s the sort of thing that would be nice for party crafts and can be enjoyed by both girls and boys. Ryan will not be left out of any sort of toy or craft ha.

The age guide for this kit is 5 and over which I think is about right considering there is paint and glitter. I did not allow Izebella to make one or have one just incase she ended up poking someone with the mask stick.

The Mask kit can be purchased directly from Great Gizmos

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