Child’s Play little movers board books

Child’s Play has a history of creating innovative, award-winning books for children from 0-8 years that promote learning through play – books that fully reflect their diverse society in terms or heritage, disability, gender and family.
Child’s Play books are loved by parents, teachers and, most importantly, children all over the world.

Izebella loves books. I have never seen anyone so young as fascinated by books as she is. She has a fair few of her own and will often pinch older books from big brother and sister and point out what she can see on pages. She also likes looking through magazines and catalogues and happily points out anything familiar. She is a great talker for her age and I really believe that the books have helped with her speech and words.

The guys over at Child’s play have sent over two more books.

These 2 books form part of the Little Movers series. The books are made of board meaning it’s pretty impossible for them to be ripped by little hands. They are illustrated by Carol Thompson and there are 4 books in total. Each book’s title starts with “One, two, three and then either Crawl, Run, Jump and Climb. Izebella has Crawl and Run.
The illustrations show the struggles and achievements as well as sheer delight of children exploring early movement.

The books are very basic and simple and designed in mind for babies and toddlers. They consist of just 4-6 board pages (double sided) each with illustrations of children and babies. Each page contains just a few simple words in big black bold letters.


Even though Izebella cannot read words yet she is able to read the books herself. I sit her on my knee and we read together and she is able to now point out and say what is happening on each page, both from memory and through looking at the illustrations. Izebella is now 22 months old.
This series of books are lovely starter books for enthusiastic toddlers.

Each book costs Β£3.99 and they can be purchased directly from Child’s Play

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