St Tropez gradual tan + Anti-aging face lotion


In 3 years time I will turn the big “40”. It’s hard to believe, I don’t feel it and I’m constantly told I don’t look it. I’m lucky to look younger than my age, I always have done tho it didn’t do me many favours when younger for getting into clubs. I’m well aware that one day age may start to catch up with me so I know it’s important to look after my skin. I also enjoy a bit of colour added to my usual pale complexion.

St Tropez have developed a product to combat the aging which also gives a gradual healthy looking glow to the face.


Gradual tan plus Anti- Aging Face lotion rejuvenated cells and boosts collagen synthesis. It acts to lift fine lines and wrinkles whilst firming and plumping at the same time. Whilst providing complete 24 hour moisturisation it also creates a luminous sun kissed healthy glow.


To get the best results it’s best to apply it every day after cleansing and apply in circular motions around the face and neck.
It’s easy to apply and quickly blends into the skin. No nasty smell and no stickiness or greasy feeling.

I have now been using the product for about ten days and applying daily. I am able to see impressive results. My face has a lovely natural looking glow and my skin is feeling very soft and smooth almost like a baby. I can’t really comment on the anti aging part just yet, I think this is something that only time will tell but I’m sure this product will help.


I have no foundation on in the photographs. The colour you can see is the results of using the St Tropez gradual tan.

It does cost Β£22 and that’s for a 50ml tube which will probably last 3/4 weeks if applied daily.
Buy directly from St Tropez

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