Bloom Pops

Bloom Pops is part of the Cool Create range from Flair toys.
It’s aimed more towards girls than boys and is all about creating and popping pretty flowers which can be displayed on a tree.
The set includes fabric petals, sticky pads, spacers, sparkly gems, display tree, bloom pop maker, design studio and instructions.


The design studio is simply a plastic base with different containers to hold all the parts. The display tree comes in two parts which slot together.

It’s really easy to do. The fabric flower petals come in lots of different colours and shapes. We each took turns to make them and all we had to do was select at least 3 flower petals each: large, medium, small and maybe one more. We start off with a flower base on the studio and attach the petals one by one, each one separated with a flower spacer (also fabric). Then add a flower button (small rubbery thing) this holds the flower together. Once done we use the bloom pop girl (main piece) on the flower and press up and down. I think this helps to secure the flower button correctly.

We are then left with pretty flower designs just like this one.

A green plastic release tool is provided which is the next step. I was a little confused on the purpose of this as it did not make that much difference really. We slide the green tool under the top flower button and lift. I think this is meant to open the flower up a little but a few times it ended up taking it apart meaning we had to start over again.
Sticky rings then go on the back of the completed flowers and gems can be added. Then they are finished and ready to go on the tree or stuck where ever one wishes.


I think they look quite pretty on the tree and the tree makes a lovely display item when placed on a unit or window.

The Bloom pop kit does not last long. They are very easy and quick to make so it’s over within an hour. Also there are only enough sticky pads and flower buttons to make 6 flowers in total. This is a slight disappointment, it would of been nice to have more parts to make more. I suppose they could always be taken apart and remade even tho the backs are stuck to the tree.
Bloom pops is available to buy through Amazon for Β£18.80. Little girls will love it and even the boys too but I do think it’s quite expensive for what we got in the box. It may be priced differently throughout different toy stores and it’s aimed at children ages 5 and over. There are a few small parts included.

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