Spun Candy

Spun Candy are based in Covent Garden, London. They make and supply hard candy products with their signature piece being Hard Rock Candy.
I'm normally not a lover of rock, but this stuff is a far cry from the horrible soft sticky stuff you find by the seaside. This is hard fresh, fruity and full of awesome flavour. It's almost like the gourmet of rock and unlike any candy rock product I have previously sampled.
The candy comes in both packets and jars such as this.

These are the candies that I have been sampling. The packets all have a resealable tab and the jars can be kept and reused. There are 13candy flavours.

Passion Fruit

I love all of them. Some of them very zingy and all bursting with flavour. The flavour never fades on the rock and I can still taste the fruitiness even when the candy is almost dissolved. The apple flavour reminds me of sour apple sweets which I used to love when younger.
The candy is made by boiling sugar to just under 200 degrees. Natural flavours are then added along with a pinch of colour.

Candy lovers can even go and watch the while making experience at the shop and get to sample it once made.

All different varieties of the candy rock can be purchased both in jars and in bags. The candy can be bought in single flavour varieties or as a mix meaning each one will be a different flavour.
As well as the round rock candy variations, the candy does also come in other shapes such as this Sour Mix bag.

These are small slabs of very tangy flavoured candy. The lemon is by far the tangiest and enough to make a person quiver with it's very zingy punch.

The candy bags seem to come in 2 sizes of 50g and 100g and start from Β£2.65 a bag. The jars also come in 2 sizes 100g and 200g and start from Β£4.85. Lollipops are also available and all the products can be purchased from the online shop at Spun Candy


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