You have seen a lot of chocolate products on my blog. The majority of them very eye catching and tasty.
Everyone has seen chocolate creations, chocolate formed into all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. But! have you ever seen anything quite like this??

Believe it or not but every single tool in the photographs is made of chocolate. I did not believe it myself until I was sent some to try and even then it was hard to believe I was looking at chocolate until I tried them.

The chocolate masterpieces come from Shokolat UK. Providers of a fun innovative range of novelty chocolate products. Their collection contains over 50 chocolate tools and kitchen items all of which are very authentic looking. The items include bottle openers, paintbrush, keys, hammer, grater, padlocks, scissors and much more.
They all make great novelty gifts and it is so hard to believe they are chocolate.

The chocolate comes in Shokolat own branded packaging which itself is particularly eye catching.

This is the chocolate padlock which is one of the products I have. It even has an old copper rustic look to it. If it was simply left out on a table I guarantee not many people would know it was chocolate.


The chocolate used is dark chocolate with I believe 60% minimum cocoa solids.

As well as a padlock I also got this rather old fashioned looking pocket knife.

This chocolate knife weighs 36g and is 12 inches long. It appears to have a brass handle and a silver blade which sits inside it. Very realistic indeed.

Finally my nut & bolt

It looks so realistic with it’s grooves and even odd signs of wear. Let’s hope no workman ever mistakes it for the real thing.

These products really look too good to eat. They are truly works of art. They are the same size as regular tools and seeing really is believing with these amazing creations.
The prices start from Β£6.45 depending on which product you choose.
Marvellous creations and great tasting chocolate too. I think a good idea for a new product would be a “Chocolate Fireguard” maybe!

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