Revell Control: MonsterTruck City Wolf

I do love writing posts and reviews which present a challenge and Revell product do just that. Revell sell a huge collection of veichles, kits and RC gadgets of which I know little about. They are after all referred to as “boys toys”. Having a young man myself means a fair few RC toys in my house of which I have to figure how how to operate for him.

Our latest gadget is of course the MonsterTruck City Wolf.
It’s a Monster Truck which pretty much fits in the hand. It’s dimensions being 180 length, 135mm width and stands just 100mm high. The upper bodice being red tough plastic mounted on what feel like soft rubber wheels.


It needs a total of 5 batteries. The truck requires 4xAA which are cleverly concealed inside the body via removable covers (no screws). The remote control requires 1 x DC9V which is the square battery. The cover on the remote contains a small screw.


The monster truck comes with an age guide of 8 years and over and suitable for beginners of products of this type.


Ryan was really happy to be playing with a new rc veichle throughout the Summer holidays. The control seemed fairly easy going with the usual two controls. One controlling the forward/ reverse and the other controlling the right/left turn. The bottom of the truck has a steering trim adjustment dial which is there incase the truck starts pulling to the left or right too much.


On our first go of using the truck we did encounter some problems. The main one being that the truck just would not go. The wheels would move a little and even spin a little when picked up but it just would not move on the floor. I wondered “perhaps it did not like the flooring in my kitchen” I tried it outside on my patio (it is not meant for outside use) and it would go a little bit then stop then nothing. It also seemed to prefer reverse if only for a few seconds.
After much faffing around I finally worked out the problem.
The batteries, despite being new just weren’t powerful enough to power it to it’s full extent. In reality I should have learned from previous experience of rc toys that these need the best batteries. Energiser, Duracell or even decent rechargeable should do the trick.


With new/better batteries in we gave it another try and this time much better results. The truck is relatively easy to control. Even the younger children can manage it with ease. It’s a simple forward/reverse, turn when needed.
It has a 10 meter range from rc to truck but I guess this is obviously affected by obstructions and anything in the way. The truck can do speeds of up to 26mph. It’s pretty rapid once it gets going and once you get the hang of the control. It moves with ease and we have found it works well on all sorts of flooring and terrain. Be it carpet, Lino, wooden flooring, vinyl. It is not intended for outdoor use I imagine it just isn’t built to handle bumping into brick walls nor the wet weather but it works well on pretty much any surface.



Watch our YOU TUBE VIDEO Little Izebella was fascinated by it. I think I need a bigger kitchen space for it tho.

A great RC Monster truck perfect as a gift for any young boy, teenager or man.

Monster Truck City Wolf is one of Revells lower priced gadgets. It is available on AMAZON at an amazingly low price of just Β£15.85 At the time of writing this post stock is very low. Also available from most good toy retailers along with all other revell products.
Details can also be found at Revell Germany and the Revell Facebook page as well as on Twitter @RevellGermany.


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