Oatly: The Milk Alternative

The Swedish brand Oatly has relaunched it’s dairy free range.


Oatly Is a milk free alternative made primarily from oats. It’s packaging has been redesigned for the relaunch and the product seems to be designed with vegans in mind.
Oatly is made from 3 key ingredients. A combination of oats, salt and water. It is designed to offer a healthy alternative to milk along with a nutritional balance of protein and the right kind of fat and carbs in relation to energy.

At present there are 5 products in the Oatly range. There are two varieties of
The Original Oatdrink. They look very similar, coming in a similar blue carton like this.

However one of them is ambient meaning it can be stored at room temperature and the other is a product which needs to be chilled.

There is also an Organic Oat drink and Organic cream


All of the Oatly products can be used anywhere where milk would normally be used. Drinking, pouring, breakfast, baking, cooking, smoothies even mixing with baileys like I do every now and again.

Finally there is also a Chocolate variety which is of course as you may have guessed my favourite.

This chocolate oat drink both looks and tastes like chocolate milkshake with a smooth creamy taste to it. If I had been given this without knowing, then I probably would not realise it was dairy free because unlike soya and other milk free products it actually tastes pleasantly good.
I do hear this chocolate one is also very good for adding to porridge. I’m not a porridge lover myself so may have to ask one of my friends to try it out on their porridge for me.

When I first heard about Oatly. I was sure it would be very expensive as milk alternatives usually are. It’s not, the products seem to be individually priced starting with the Ambient and the Organic oat drink at Β£1.39 (RRP) for a 1L carton. The chocolate version slightly more at Β£1.49 and then the Original Oat (chilled) for Β£1.64. Also the cream for just 79p. So in my opinion not too expensive compared to a few other milk alternatives I spotted on the same shelf.

I did have a few problems finding them. They are apparently available in Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett plus other retailers. I could not find them in my local Asda and staff said they did not have them. I also tried Morrisons (tho not on the above list) and none there. I eventually found them in Sainsburys and they are found on the ambient milk products aisle (usually labelled as long life milk and sometimes near the breakfast cereals but not always). They are certainly worth a try if you are considering reducing the amount of dairy in your diet or if you are vegan, vegetarian or have certain dietary requirements, allergies or if you just fancy trying something different.

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