Mmm! Heavenly Cake!

Over weekend we were lucky enough to be sent some delicious cakes from The Heavenly Cake Company.
They are a husband and wife team who believe cakes should be for everyone, including those who may have food allergies or certain intolerances. It’s a known fact that many people who have a “normal diet” are put off by foods with vegan labels as vegan food is perhaps considered bland, boring or wrongly textured.

As well as vegan products, The Heavenly cake company also create cakes that are – Wheat/gluten free, egg free, dairy free, sugar free, diabetic friendly, nut free, soya free and palm oil free meaning everyone can eat cake worry free.

Cake sizes and servings start from 6-9 slices and go as big as 30-60 slices and the cakes are delivered by courier nationwide.

I was a lovely Lemon & Coconut cake and some Double chocolate cupcakes

The Lemon Cake is made with Wholegrain organic spelt flour and coconut oil and is of course free of artificial flavours and colours.

This cake is also egg, dairy and soya free.
It arrived boxed and wrapped with a red ribbon. Lovely decoration and I couldn’t wait to taste it.

The cake also seemed to have what I would call slice lines. In the icing there are lines which you can follow with a knife to give equal even portions and it seems to save messy mishaped cuts.

Of course when it comes to cake, the taste is the most important part. It was delicious. A good moist sponge with lovely zingy citrus creamy icing. Everyone who I let try it said the same. A lovely tasting and very filling cake.


As well as our lovely lemon cake, We have been well-treated to some delicious double chocolate cupcakes.

There were four in the box meaning one for each of us. Again like the lemon cake these are also free of egg, dairy and soya and made with spelt flour and coconut oil.

The coconut oil in the cakes enables then to remain fresh for up to 10 days if kept refrigerated. The cakes can even be frozen.
We loved our delicious iced chocolate buns too. These would be perfect for children who cannot eat ordinary cake especially as they could be frozen and then used for taking to a party

To find out more about the cakes you can buy visit The Heavenly Cake Company


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