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Taste Inc only launched last year in 2013 but you may have seen many of their tasty snacks around your local Morrisons and maybe even considered giving them a try.



In a nutshell; taste inc are a tasty range of fast microwave snacks. The snacks include burgers, subs, hot dogs and baguettes. They will all be ready to eat within just 90 seconds and also fairly healthy too with each one containing less than 500 calories.

I was sent a selection of snacks to try.

I was very happy with my selected products too. I do love chicken burgers.
Like most people I do worry about eating food such as this and how it will taste. The first snack I chose is the Chicken & Chorizo baguette

Inside the baguette is flame-seared chicken fillets, combined with a succulent slice of smoky paprika chorizo. There is also a satchet of mayonnaise for those who like it. The photograph on the snack wrappers do show some of the snacks with lettuce but the lettuce does not come with it and is something extra to add yourself if you wish. I imagine it would be very difficult to keep lettuce fresh on a product such as this and soggy lettuce on burgers is awful.


Anyway the baguette comes in a paper cover which needs to be kept on whilst microwaving. The back of the product packet gives simple instructions on how long to microwave it for as all microwaves are different.

Then after a minute or so the snack is done and ready to add sauce and eat.

The taste of this baguette was good. A real piece of chicken fillet and a quick snack for a busy mum.

All the snacks require different time in the microwave so it’s obviously best to check each one so they don’t end up burnt or over done.

My other two snacks are the whole breast sweet & smoky BBQ chicken and Flame Grilled quarter pounder both of these are burgers and cook slightly different to the above baguette. The difference being they don’t cook inside the card wrapper. Instead they can just be put on a plate and then placed in the microwave.


The BBQ chicken burger is again chicken fillet with an optional BBQ sauce satchet. I added the sauce and found it rather tasty.
The quarter pounder is I imagine a popular choice especially among the males who love their beef. It contains a slab of flame grilled seasoned beef in a sesame bun and comes with a satchet of tomato sauce a slice of cheese. Now I’m not a cheese lover so I steer away from cheeseburgers, but this is what’s great about this burger. It does not need to be a cheeseburger as the cheese slice is totally optional just like the sauce. No spoiling my burgers with things I don’t like no more.

The snacks are a good idea for busy people who perhaps don’t have time to sit and make themselves lunch or just can’t be bothered.
They do need to be kept chilled in a refrigerator but I suppose they could be taken out and taken to work, stored in the works fridge (if they have one). They taste quite good and for the odd pound or two you can’t really complain.
These tasty snacks can be found in Morrisons.

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