F&F kids Spring/Summer range boys

On Tuesday I posted about the fabulous new kids clothing range at F&F kids and the lovely items Jordanna and Izebella are wearing through the Summer.
Today it’s Ryan’s turn with some very stylish low cost pieces.

The collection fashion shoots were shot on location in Rio.
A vibrant palette of rainforest greens informs the Boys collection of denim and cargo shorts, with dark based florals and foliage inspired for extra style kudos. Casual jersey pieces are revitalised with a natural twist; from striped and blue tie dye effects to graphic led styles.

Ryan has been sent 4 pieces and here they are.


These shorts are in a dark blue checked pattern, with an elastic waist they fit just above the knee.


There are of course lots of different styles of T-shirts in the collection to choose from. I was really happy with this one. It’s the type of T-shirt that can be worn day or night, dressed up or dressed down and with either shorts or trousers. It really goes well the shorts above too.




The weather changes so much. One minute it’s sunny the next it’s cold or raining. For just Β£7 you can’t complain for a fleece such as this. Dark bold grey mixed with lighter grey, a hood and 2 pockets. Ryan said it keeps him warm whilst being light enough to carry around. Perfect for a holiday jacket too



Ryan’s collection is finished off with a pair of trousers.
They come in dark green (khaki) colour and remind me a little of combat pants. They also look a little like jeans but a bit thinner. Pockets to both front and back and a very useful adjustable waist band.

They do look quite long and I thought they may be too big for Ryan but they actually fit quite we’ll once I had adjusted the waist to fit.



Ryan loves his new clothes and both Ryan and Jordanna have enjoyed wearing them and having photographs taken in their new outfits. We are planing a few weekends away and these are just the sort of clothing items that are perfect to take away. All very cheap to buy yet good quality, strong, durable and wash very well without shrinkage or becoming mis-shaped.

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