Cool Bandz


Cool Bandz is one of the newest sets from Flair Cool Create range.
I was really happy that Jordanna got sent this as it gives her something to do and make other than the loom bands which I absolutely hate.

With this toy, cool kids can make and design their own cool bands which they can then wear as bracelets.


In the box are 24 pre patterned paper bands, stickers, gems, clips plus the main unit which is tape dispenser, laminator and hole puncher.



The first thing we needed to do was attach the tape dispenser to the laminator which sounds easy enough and even looks easy on the instructions but we found it a little difficult to work it out and it took a while to attach the pins to the holes. I had to use a bit of force and was worried it may break, but we got their eventually.
Once the unit was assembled, Jordanna and Ryan (yes he won’t be left out, even if it is aimed at girls) decorated their bands. This is the really easy fun part as it’s just a case of putting stickers on the bands really.


Next part is laminating and involves lining the band up so the tape covers the end, then pulling the tape so it goes all the way over the band and laminates it.


I had to help my children out with this. It can be tricky but luckily we made no mistakes.
The tape edge cutter is a little useless. It does not seem to cut the tape at all. Not too sure if this is to do with safety issues and not making the cutter too sharp, but I had to use scissors to cut it.
Once laminated, gems can be added and then it can be placed inside the hole puncher on the laminating unit to put a hole in both sides. A clip is then used to fasten and the end result is pretty bracelets.



Jordanna and Ryan certainly enjoy making their bracelets and make then for all their friends too.
It’s one of those fun craft sets which are great ideas for the school holidays. It does not require any batteries and it’s easy to use.

The bands are only made of paper and laminated with tape so obviously won’t last long. There are 24 to be made and I think you can make your own too as they are only paper.

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