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BOB bag stands for Brilliant Outdoor Bag. It’s creators are Youth Sport Direct. and the bag is designed to meet the needs of parents taking kids out for fun days out.

Prior to receiving this bag I was a little sceptical as to whether it was really something I would get much use out of. I imagined it being another baby changing bag, which I no longer have much use for. This bag however is so much more than a baby change bag. It’s very useful and holds a lot.

The best way to describe the BOB bag is that it’s a maze of secret compartments and pockets all crammed into one. Every where I look there is another storage pocket or a zipper. It’s like unravelling a bag of mystery.
To look at it, it looks like any other messenger style bag, but once I opened and examined further I could not believe just how much space this bag has.


The bag comes in a smart navy blue colour and then there is a colour choice of lining, either orange or pink (I got pink yay!). There is an adjustable padded shoulder strap and even the strap has it’s own little pocket (that’s before you start looking at the actual bag)

As well as the shoulder strap there are 2 other straps on the bag. These are for hanging the bag over buggy handles. This gives the bag that bit of extra security as it’s much more difficult for a thief to take the bag with 3 straps attached.

The front of the bag has a lift up flap which fastens to the bag via a clever magnet. Lift this flap up and that’s where the fun begins finding all the hidden pockets.
First the flap itself boasts a small zipper pocket, great for a phone I guess.


The flap lifts up to reveal 3 pouches/pockets which all fasten via Velcro. Again these would easily hold phones or pens, keys, or anything you like really.


Behind these 3 pouches is a huge secret zipped pocket which would make a great place to store a tablet, or nappies, drawing pads, books etc. This pocket is the whole diameter of the bag and it’s hidden pretty well.


One side of the bag boasts what I would call a bottle pocket. The ones you find on changing bags. These also hold Sippy cups and small bottles of juice and pop too.


Turn the bag over to the bag and more compartments await thee. A net mesh padded panel is the first thing to be seen. Behind this panel are 2 “grab and go” pockets. These pockets are deep but open and not secured with anything. They are best for wipes, sweets and things you need instant access to rather than valuables.


Behind this a further surprise with another large pocket similar to the one at the front. This pocket has 2 mesh inserts inside it, both which fasten with Velcro. I can see these mesh pockets being great for kiddy snacks, rubbish (if I can’t find a bin), wet items or even make up.


Now onto the main compartment of the bag. This is accessible via zip. Again there are 2 fairly good size mesh pockets. Also a zip compartment and a small changing mat which can be taken out if not required.


There is even a key attachment fob thing for clipping keys onto so you know they are secure. Plus it saves rooting through the bag and tipping them out trying to find them.


The bag is amazing. Like a bag of hidden treasures. Secret pockets everywhere to secure those precious items and plenty of room to carry around kiddy junk.
Of course if you are pregnant or have a young baby it would make a perfect baby bag too which could be kept and used for many years. Plenty of space for nappies, bottles and all baby items. I am so glad Izebella is now passed the bottle stage.

The fun does not end there tho as with the bags come Activity packs

There are 5 different activity packs to choose from. The Go-Go Pack, Move-it Pack, Sport-ie Pack, Play on or Swim-in Pack.
The pack came fitted in the bag so you can get an idea at just how much the bag holds. It’s in it’s own drawstring bag and contained all these great sports items.


A Phlat ball which starts as a throwing disc and changes into a ball when thrown.
Frisbee disc Ryan loves this
Skipping ropes and some elastic coloured band things. As yet I am not too sure what these are or how they are used but I am sure I will find out soon.
The other activity packs will contain different items and all the packs come with different age suitability guides.

The price of this fabulous bag is Β£45.95 and the activity pack is included which is worth Β£13.30 by itself.

It’s a great bag with so many features and little hiding places. Perfect for our long trips out during the Summer holidays and weekends away. My only worry is that with so many pockets I may just forget which one I have put something in.

The bag can be purchased from Youth Sports Direct and will be shipped within 3-5 days.



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    I do love a lot of pockets on a bag, helps keep things organised! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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