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I remember being really young, maybe 6/7 years old and my dad giving me a strange looking fruit to try. This fruit was in fact a pomegranate and I really enjoyed the flavour. They can be a little tricky to eat with the tiny bits you have to pull out, but I think they are really juicy and refreshing.
I have not had a pomegranate for ages and so was pleasantly surprised to be sent some pomegranate juice drinks from Simply Great drinks. There pomegranate juice is called Pomegrate and they also do a Cranberry version called Crangreat.

The drinks are a blend of super fruits which are carefully selected from the worlds finest. The drinks are all about health and healthy lifestyles. These drinks being much healthier than other juices out there.

Today sees a launch event of a new Summer lifestyle campaign called Be Simply Great. I was invited to the launch but was sadly unable to attend with childcare difficulties and distance. The campaign aims to encourage people to make simple, sustainable lifestyle changes which will ultimately result in better long-term health benefits.
It’s a shame I could not have attended. However I was sent some lovely juices to make up for it.
First is the Pomegrate. It actually tastes a little like a rosΓ¨ wine. Very fruity and so refreshing in the hot weather. I have a bad habit of consuming too many fizzy drinks despite knowing they are no good for me. This makes such a lovely change and it’s a really nice flavour.

It even looks a little like wine, just slightly cloudier. Or Maybe I just have wine on my mind.

This stuff is certainly 100% alcohol free tho.

I also have Cranberry juice which is also red and refreshing.

A lot of people (mainly women) have this crazy idea that Cranberry juice is some sort of medicine used for cystitis and other bodily problems. Whilst it’s true that drinking Cranberry juice can relieve certain conditions, it is also a nice juice just to be drunk or even used in certain recipes.
All of the Simply Great juices can be found in Waitrose, Ocado and other supermarkets.

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