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Summer is here. The sun is bright and children love to be out playing in it.
Children’s skin is very sensitive, much more sensitive than adults. Children burn easily in the sun and must be protected by using sun cream and a sun hat.
For some children, unfortunately they are unable to use any old suncream due to various chemicals they contain. Jordanna is fair skinned and had suffered a few reactions using certain sun creams previously. Jordanna also comes out in small rashes from time to time due to an unknown cause. She also gets patches of dry skin. Nothing too major but it does mean I have to be careful what she uses when bathing and what goes on her skin.

I have been trying out the Organic children sun lotion from Green People.

The lotion has an SPF factor of 25 which is classed as medium sun protection and adequate for our climate. Obviously if I go abroad I take much higher. It gives a huge 96% protection against UVB.
It comes out as a white cream which seems to be a little thicker than many I have tried previously. Thus meaning it does not run and get everywhere and is much easier to apply than other products. The cream is fragrance free which I guess eliminates any possible allergies to certain things. It also means kids won’t be put off by it as not all kids like fruity smells anyway.
It is also water resistant and therefore good for taking away or using when in a garden pool. It doesn’t clog up pores either despite being water resistant. Another bonus.
I have been using it on all 3 of my children. Ryan applies his own as he thinks he is all grown up now. I apply it to my girls. I find it easy enough to apply and it seems to absorb and dry fairly quickly; the heat obviously helps with this anyway. I apply every few hours when they are playing out and so far they have all stayed free from sunburn. None of them have developed any rashes or spots since using this and they don’t seem fussed about putting it on. Izebella actually reminds me to use it and she’s only one. When going out she will say “Mummy cream”


This sun lotion contains Organic Aloe Vera, Beeswax & Edelweiss. It is free from all the nasties. Meaning it is more gentle and kind to children’s skin in the sun.
The sun lotion costs Β£16.95 for 150ml. This make seen like a lot to pay out but it will be much better for children who have more sensitive skin than others.
At present there is a great offer on at Green People. If you buy one sun product you will get a second half price.

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  1. Sarah Cooper
    June 16, 2014 / 11:31

    This sounds great. I am always looking for a sunscreen without any nasties in – must try this.

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