Yummy bars & Lollies at Choc Affair

I love trying chocolate and sweet treats. I am very surprised I don’t look like a whale the amount I eat sometimes.
Anyway I was happy when my postman turned up last week bearing more gifts and very very happy to find a selection of yummy chocolate bars and choc lollies in my box.
My lovely package came from the very nice people at Choc Affair.
Choc Affair have some lovely chocolate products in their on line shop. Chocolate of course makes a perfect gift or treat for any occasion and always nice to have some chocolate treats in the house too.
Choc affair products are made from the finest Fairtrade Chocolate. The chocolate is hand made in York from natural ingredients and free from preservatives.

So here is what came in my package. First two hand made chocolate lollies.

These yummy Fairtrade lollies come in both milk and white chocolate and are decorated with jelly sweets. They are fairly generous in size as far as Chocolate lollies go. I managed to have a tiny nibble before my children took them.


As I didn’t get to eat the lollies, I was glad of some delicious chocolate bars which went straight in my fridge, hidden from the children to be bought out at night.

The bars come in many flavours and varieties. Some with infusions of fruits or even floral elements which are quite unusual.
Lime and Lavender was a really unique one. I remember my Grandad giving me some sort of chocolate limes when younger and being too scared to say I didn’t like them. This however is nothing like those awful sweets. It’s unusual especially the addition of lavender but it’s certainly something different for tucking into after a long day.
Another unusual flavour in the bars I tried was the Orange and Geranium. The only time I have ever heard of Geranium is when planting flowers. I didn’t know it could be eaten or added as a flavour. Again it was nice and unusual.
Salted Caramel, as some of you may have read in previous posts is one of my favourite flavours when it comes to chocolates and similar sweet treats. I was very glad to see this one.
Milk chocolate orange is more of a normal flavour than the others and something I am more used to.
Single Origin Colombian Milk Atlantico– it’s a bit of a long name isn’t it. This one was just like eating pure milk chocolate, very smooth, creamy and delicious. Nice with a hot drink.



These are just a small selection of the bars and lollies available. There are many more to choose from along with a good selection of chocolate novelty gifts. Many just a pound or two each and some less than a pound.


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