Pidy Pastry

Meal times can be difficult with 3 children of different ages. It’s hard to give them all something which they will all enjoy and make myself something at the same time too.
Pidy offered to send us over some of their delicious pastry products to try out and so we have been rather busy experimenting with different flavours and fillings.

You can find out more about Pidy here and see who they are and what they do.
Pidy sent me 3 different types of their pastries.

As you can see there are Vol au Vents, Mini Cocktail & mini tartelettes sables.. The pastries are designed to be filled with my own fillings. It’s good to experiment with a mixture of sweet and savoury and see what works best. Some of the pastries require a small amount of cooking whilst others can be enjoyed straight from the packet.

Vol au vents
I was always fascinated by these at weddings and other sorts of fancy celebrations. They seem to make any buffet look posh. The pack contained 4 and they were pretty large in size too.

I had to put them in the oven for ten minutes or so. I have a fan oven and they required less time than stated on the packet.
As for fillings you can be adventurous as you like or keep it simple. I think savoury works best with Vol au vent cases and so did prawn cocktail, tuna mayonnaise with mine.



Mini Cocktail
The mini cocktail pastries are small tartlets. There are 16 individual ones in the box just waiting to be filled. These too need time in the oven but only 6 minutes or so.

Both sweet and savoury fillings work well with these. On hot days ice cream can be put inside them and the hot and cold together is just amazing. These are so versatile the fillings you can make are endless.


Mini Tartelettes sable
These short dough tartlets are ready to use from the box and don’t require any cooking.

They are quite small and there are 12 in the box. They remind me of little flowers. I think they are best with sweet fillings such as chocolate sauce, fruit, cream, custard or anything else really. They make a nice accompaniment to a hot cup of tea when filled with a delicious sweet filling


If your thinking you wouldn’t mind trying Pidy Pastries but can’t think of any recipes then Pidy has a whole section of recipes to copy here.
We all enjoyed the Pidy Pastry. You can put anything inside them meaning they will be enjoyed by even the fussiest eaters out there.

Thanks to food PR and marketing agency Clip Creative and PRfor the samples

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