Hi-Tec Aurora womens sandals

I have been waiting with anticipation for the sunshine to come out, just so I could try out my new sandals from Hi-Tec.
The new “Aurora” sandal comes in both charcoal & purple and charcoal & emerald. Both colour schemes work incredibly well together.
The sandal fastens via straps which are adjustable. The ankle and toe strap and Velcro whilst the other foot strap is both Velcro and buckle with an easy adjustment feature.

The sandal has a Vibram sole and a high performance, breathable synthetic upper with webbing and a neoprone lining for padding and protection. A neoprone pad on the heel offers additional protection against hot spots. The sculpted EVA midsole and footbed delivers underfoot cushioning, stability and support, while the flexible Vibram outsole ensures world renowned traction, comfort and durability.


The Aurora sandals are designed for comfort and uneven terrain.

I found them comfortable enough to walk in but if you have been used to wearing softer shoes such as trainers then they will feel a little strange at first. I was also a little confused at what seems to be an extra middle strap. This strap does not fasten or open, it’s just there. I wasn’t sure if this goes under or over the foot but I think having it under the foot may be a little uncomfortable, so I just put it over mine. However people with larger or wider feet may struggle with this extra strap as it does not stretch. It’s a bit baffling really. I guess it could be taken out as it appears to serve no use what so ever. I could be wrong tho.

I do like these sandals. I like the colour and the fact that they are very lightweight on the feet once you get used to them.
They would be a handy pair of sandals for a holiday. The soles mean they can be worn on rough terrains and even in the sea. I went to Egypt a few years back and I wish I had these back then as the Red Sea is full of sharp coral which can damage delicate feet. I think these would have done the trick nicely.


They are available in both colour shades for Β£39.99. It’s not a bad price for a durable pair of sandals. They seem very good quality, sturdy and may just last a couple of years.


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