Fathers Day gifts at Hallmark

Father’s Day falls on June 15th. It’s certainly a day I will not forget as it’s also my birthday on the same day. A double celebration all round!

If you are stuck wondering what to buy Dad this year or If you are looking for a very simple and fuss free gift! Or maybe an extra fun top up gift for that special man. Then head to Hallmark Gifts.

Hallmark take the hassle out of trawling around shops for separate gifts and cards. They have it all in one place.
In my opinion, men are a fairly easy species when it comes to gifts. They may seem hard to buy for but are usually appreciative of any gift that says you care. This includes both partners and Fathers.


Mugs make very simple yet lovely gifts for everyone. Dads being no exception. Hallmark have a great choice of mugs with all different designs. Many of them can even be personalised with names, wording or even photographs to give Dads cup a very personal touch.


Most men love chocolate whether they admit to it or not. These bars differ from others with the ability to have the wrappers personalised with names and pictures. Β£5.99 each.


I would never of thought of these for Father’s Day gifts but they actually seem quite popular. I’m not too sure if that’s because many children are buying them for Dad hoping that Dad will share!. They seem a novelty idea and maybe a little naughty being packed full of sweets and sugar but lots of fun at the same time. Β£7.99 each and again they can be personalised.


For a dad who enjoys simple styles. Hallmark have a collection of Heritage Press items. Products such as mugs, notebooks and a few other gifts. The design is very contempary and just screams out Britain, focusing on London in particular. Scenes of a busy London road with patterns of moustaches and bold basic patterns complete the collection.


All sorts of Dad gifts can be found at Hallmark. Don’t forget Dads card too and the wrapping paper for that special gift.

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