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Thursday saw the arrival of yet another lovely Degustabox. Yet agai. It was bursting full of lovely and unique goodies.


Degustabox costs just Β£12.99 per month. For this you will get a box of new and unique items delivered to your door. Postage is included in the total cost. The goods in the box always add up to more than the actual cost. You can view all my previous Degustabox boxes on my blog either by typing Degustabox in search bar or viewing them on my food review page.
I find with every Degustabox, there is a selection of goods that you can keep in cupboard such as pasta, sauces, spices or cake making items. There is always something sweet such as chocolate or biscuits, always a drink of some sort, crisps, snacks and other surprises. I have tried many subscription boxes but this remains my firm favourite so far.

Readers of my blog can get their first box at a discount price of Β£9.99. Use this code at checkout. EFTPJ. Go to Degustabox to sign up.

In my box

This months box had a massive 13 items inside it. Here is what I got.

*Garofalo Pasta from the outset I could tell this was good quality pasta. More below.

*Cawston Press cloudy apple I love the drinks from Cawston Press. We have tried quite a few. They are very refreshing and healthy.

* Taylor’s of Harrogate fruity tea infusions. Makes a lovely change to ordinary tea.

* Raw chewing gum This is a sugar free gum which is meant to give an energy boost. Unfortunately I am not a lover of gum of any sort so will be giving it to a family member for them to try. I got two packets in my box.

* Ciro I received both a bottle of ready to use Passata (more below) and Tomato PurΓ©e. Both come packed with rich vivid red tomatoes. Great for pasta dishes and adding flavour to food.

*Hornsby’s last month I was really surprised to find a bottle of alcoholic beverage in my box. This month it’s a double surprise to find not one but two. I have never heard of Hornsby’s Apple cider. I tend to dislike everyday shop ciders as they remind me of being sick as a silly teenager. However these taste very different and much nicer being blended with other fruits such as pear and strawberry flavours.

*Kettle chips I am a big lover of kettle chips so was happy to see these in my box. Sweet Chilli is a new flavour and also happens to be a flavour I enjoy. Kettle chips are baked with 50% less fat than other regular potato chips.

* Finn Crisp:
A crisp bread made from whole grain. A handy recipe card accompanied this on my box. There is a recipe to make what looks a delicious cheesecake using the Finns Crispbread. I am very tempted to try making it

* Dr Oetker
You probably saw on my blog a big post on Dr Oetker goodies. Well I now have a new addition to my baking cupboard- A cake release spray. It’s not really an edible product by itself but it’s very useful to stop cakes from sticking and removes the need for greasing or lining tins. This too will help with the above mentioned cheesecake recipe.

* Elizabeth Shaw. I was not let down with my yummy chocolate fix this month. The new Flutes range are batons of chocolate with different fillings and flavours.

What we made
As always all the contents of my box came in useful. The Elizabeth Shaw flutes are just heavenly and I can’t stop nibbling at them. I’m surprised there are still a few remaining so far. Kettle chips are also great for snacking on and the Cawston Press can gives a refreshing drink. I will be attempting my cheesecake once my kids go back to school so I will post the recipe soon.
Anyway I put on my thinking cap and decided to make a very simple pasta dish. I defrosted some chicken fillets which I bought a few weeks back and forgot about (don’t worry still in date) and two items from my May Degustabox.


The Garofalo Pasta and Ciro Passata.
I lightly pan fried the chicken first and then oven cooked it for 35 minutes.With the pasta I simply boiled it and added the Passata. I sprinkled some mixed herbs in with it for extra flavour.


It was so easy to make and made a great lunch for us all.
I am looking forward to attempting the cake next.

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