Ravensburger Best of British: Frog & Trumpet puzzle

I seem to be building up a nice collection of jigsaw puzzles thanks to Ravensburger.
Prior to blogging, I thought jigsaws were a little boring, but having sampled a few from Ravensburger I am getting a little addicted to them.

My latest one is part of Ravensburgers Best of British collection. Which is a collection of fun puzzles showing several traditional British themes and places.
The puzzle I have is The Frog and Trumpet pub .

I am really glad I chose this puzzle because it actually reminds me of my local pub. There is so much going on in the picture. All sorts of strange characters. People dining, a short dressed woman attempting karaoke (a little like myself ha), a big fat guy playing darts, rugby guy supping a pint, a guy at the snooker table, posh bloke in a suit reading a paper and even the owners dog. Totally chaotic just like most local pubs at weekend.

The puzzle contains 1000 pieces. The pieces are made with the soft click technology, meaning the pieces easily fit and lock together and do not bend or break like I find with some puzzles.

I have not completed this puzzle yet. 1000 pieces with 3 children to watch is no easy task, but I have started it and I find it rather relaxing in the evenings, to complete it bit by bit.
It’s not an easy puzzle. There is a lot going on in the picture and lots of very fine detail. Such as leaflets on the walls, bottles behind the bar and the pattern on the carpet. There are 20 or so characters in the picture, including 2 dogs and characters partially hidden so it’s a lot to be getting on with.
The end result will hopefully look like this.

This puzzle should be available in many good toy and puzzle shops and more information about this particular one can be found at Ravensburger


  1. Spencer Broadley
    May 30, 2014 / 10:37

    Who’s a lucky woman (I would have said girl – but that seems non-PC now!!!).
    From experience in doing jigsaws (albeit slowly) you should invest in a roll-up jigsaw mat. There are some good ones around – give Ravensburger a nudge!!! You might get one. Then the kids cant mess your puzzle up when you not around or attempt to do themselves when a 1000+ piece jigsaw!!!
    I have bought Ravensburger before and found them great puzzles (and therapeutic). The problem is that a roll-up for jigsaws wouldn’t work with 3D puzzles – I wonder if I dare move on to try one!!! Yikes.
    The one I’ve got which works well is http://www.hobbycraft.co.uk/paul-lamond-jigroll/567722-1000?gclid=CPrgvOK5074CFQUFwwod5wIAqA
    But there are many out there.
    Good luck and enjoy, and keep up the good blogging.

    • May 30, 2014 / 11:25

      Thanks Spencer I may look into the roll up mats. Have not been able to complete it being half term at the moment.

      • Spencer Broadley
        May 30, 2014 / 13:18

        If you do decide to buy or scrounge a mat, make sure it is large enough to take your jigsaws – for instance no good buying a 4,000 piece mat for 10,000 puzzles !!!
        Half-term – you have my sympathy – my 2 sons don’t live with me now, but their holidays are different because they live in Scotland now (I do go and stay, so not an absent runaway father!) – I never know now who’s on half term or any holidays!! Summer hols are worst to get my head around. In Scotland they go back mid-August (but finish earlier than England) but then they break up earlier

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