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I love trying out new things and new foods. I may not always like them all but I like to challenge myself to try new things. Especially foods and snacks from overseas.
Tastebox import food & drink products from around the world, the majority being American goodies which are very difficult or even impossible to find over here.
Whilst browsing their online store, one product in particular really stood out for me.

It’s called Baconnaise. It is a new addition to the J&Ds brand. It is of course just what the name implies- Bacon Mayonnaise I guess only the Americans could think of something like this!. It has a really unusual yet familiar taste which probably makes no sense at all. The sort of thing that reminds you of a certain other taste which you cannot think of. It does however taste a little like bacon but it has a very rich taste too which means I don’t think I could eat a huge amount of it at once. As for uses; it would probably be good on toast or a small amount in a sandwich, would make an excellent dipping sauce and I imagine it could be used in cooking somehow.
I can see this stuff being pretty big over here, if it should reach the UK market. After all almost everyone loves their bacon and mayonnaise don’t they? It even suitable for vegetarians which sounds very strange. I guess there is no actual meat produce in this.

As well as Baconnaise and lots of other interesting sauces. Tastebox also has lots of sweets and snacks. Again these are things which cannot be found easily in the UK.

Dr Pepper Jelly Beans are made by the famous Jelly Belly company. They taste similar to the Dr Pepper drink which happens to be my favourite fizzy drink.

Hershey’s Kisses are big chunks of chocolate in a droplet shape, each one individually wrapped. Hershey’s is a very popular chocolate make in the USA.

Crackheads I wasn’t too sure what to make of these. I think they could have been named better. They are espresso beans covered in white and dark chocolate. When bitten into I hear a crunch and crack. They contain 200mg of caffeine so probably best reserved for adults only.

Peanut Butter M&Ms. Everyone has heard of and probably tried M&Ms but I have never seen Peanut butter flavour. I really enjoyed them too. Shame I can’t get them closer to home.

I have loved my American goodies from Tastebox. Perhaps not the healthiest things around but I never claim to have a health blog do I?
To see what other American and worldly goodies are available to have delivered straight to your door then visit Tastebox. It certainly beats asking relatives to bring you something back from their holidays.

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