Apron Guides: Prezzybox Pundits review

I am very pleased to once again be part of the Prezzybox Pundits. I love Prezzybox. They have some great gifts and gadgets, many are very unusual and hard to find anywhere else.
This month I was sent two products from Prezzybox. Both of them were a complete surprise. I had no idea what I was being sent until they arrived.
Here is my first product.

Apron Guides

When I first opened this product and saw it was an apron. I was thinking “well no one wears them anymore” but when I examined it further I realised it was more than just a simple apron.
The bottom of the apron contains a mini kitchen encyclopaedia with lots of useful information such as

* Liquid and weight conversion charts
*freezer/defrosting guides
*egg boiling
* cooking glossary

Plus lots more beside.

The information on the apron all comes in handy when cooking. It is also printed upside down on the bottom of the apron skirt, allowing the apron to be lifted so it can easily be read.
Even if I choose not to wear an apron; which many people don’t these days. I can still keep it in a drawer and take it out for reference when needed.

The apron is really long and maybe made for a bigger person than myself as it is quite wide on myself too, even when tied tight it still feels quite loose.
This is more of a novelty product than anything else I think. It’s a good idea tho for those people who wear aprons and spend lots of time in the kitchen.
Maybe a nice gift for a Grandmother or an older mother.
The Apron guides costs Β£12.95 and can be purchased here

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