St Kitts Herbery

St Kitts Herbery is a Herbery in Cornwall. There, one will find an amazing selection of herbs and plants. As well as all the plant life they also have an amazing collection of perfumes, chocolates, honey products and toiletries. They also have what sounds like a lovely coffee shop inside, selling great tasting coffee, cakes, pastries and ice cream.
It’s a shame I live no where near Cornwall. I’m literally the other side of the country to it, maybe one day I will pop in and see it for myself.
It is therefore lucky that they also have a lovely online shop too, where most of their lovely natural products can also be purchased and delivered to your door, no matter what end of the country you live.
I was asked by St Kitts Herbery if I would like to try some of their toiletries in the Rosemary & Bergamot range.


From the moment I opened the box I could instantly smell the aroma of the Rosemary. The product bottles come with a rather simple and basic design, no crazy colours. They seem to instantly stand out from other products. They have a unique upmarket appearance and will look great on display in any bathroom.

I received two products. The first being a liquid soap in a 200ml bottle costing Β£11.95. The bottle comes with a pump dispenser which can be turned and locked when not in use. I really love the natural herby smell of this soap. The Rosemary tones and moisturises skin whilst the Bergamot lifts the mood and soothes nerves. The soap leaves me feeling refreshed as well as smelling great. I do prefer the liquid soap over the bars. It’s so much better and less messier.


The second product for use after washing or bathing is a lovely Moisture lotion. This is also in a 200ml bottle and costs Β£11.95. It can be used daily and again smells amazing, so natural and herby. I use this lotion both for my face and for my body after a tiring day in the sun. It gives an immediate refreshing cooling effect and it absorbs into the skin very quickly, meaning I’m left with refreshed, smooth skin.


The Rosemary and Bergamot is St Kitts best selling scent. The products are made using natural botanicals. A full list of the products available in the Rosemary & Bergamot, can be viewed here .

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