Roaming roosters meat box #1

A few days ago I received a box packed full of meat products from Roaming Roosters.
Roaming Roosters is a family business based in Pendle in Lancashire. They began 3 generations back in 1904, starting out as a butchers shop in Nelson.
Traditional butchery and 3 generations worth is what makes them stand out from the rest. I don’t know much about butchery but I have read there is a big difference between modern butchery and traditional butchery. More about the processes can be read here.

Roaming Roosters offer a fine selection of different meats. Lamb, beef, pork and chicken can all be purchased in a variety of sizes and cuts. As well as individual products; come various Mixed meat boxes.
One of these boxes is the “Weekly Meat box” and this is what my nice courier bought me a few days ago.


The weekly meat box contains an enormous amount of meat products. Much more than a weeks worth in here.

It costs Β£54.95 and delivered by an overnight courier. The meat is packed securely with ice blocks and other packaging to ensure it stays fresh when it arrives.
Here is what is inside one of these boxes contains.

1 x Roaming Rooster (approx 1.8kg)

2 x Chicken Supremes (skin on, approx 220g each)

2 x Stuffed chicken parcels

4 thick or 8 thin Special Sausage of the Month

400g Minced Beef Steak

400g Stewing steak

2 x Old English Pork Chops (approx 230g per chop)

2 x Rump Steaks with optional peppered glaze (approx 220g per steak)

2 x Lamb Steaks (approx 170g per steak)

6 x slices of our Home Cured Middle Bacon (avg 400g in weight)

4 beef burgers

As you can see, there is a lot of meat in this box and too much for one post. Therefore I will be posting my delicious meaty meals as I make them.
On receiving the meat box I placed the majority of the products in my freezer. Luckily it’s a big freezer and I only just managed to get them all in.

This boxes the ideal way to sample what Roaming Roosters have to offer. There are so many different meat products inside and enough for about 32 meals.

So here are my first meaty makes from my weekly box.

Bacon & Sausage
I do enjoy my occasional English breakfasts and it is so much better when using good fresh meats.

Home cured bacon gives very long pieces of delicious bacon without too much shrinkage when cooking (under grill) it had a great taste and I got 8 pieces in the packet.
The Pork sausages were very long and thick and had there own unique flavour.
Both the bacon and sausage can also be purchased individually.


They made an excellent cooked breakfast.

Rump Steak
Who doesn’t love a good bit of steak. It seems to be a much loved and popular British dish and especially it seems among the men. Tho no reason why us ladies can’t enjoy it too.

The beef from Roaming Roosters is from grass fed cows. All the beef is naturally reared, going out to graze throughout the summer months on the hills of Pendle. They are all beef bred, which means that they are fed and nurtured by their mothers for around 9 months, giving the meat a head start towards finer quality.

My piece of rump steak was huge. This one piece could easily make 3/4 meals.

I have cut it in two in the pan so you can see how big it is. Not only was it big but it also tasted fabulous, very tender and easy to eat. Much better than any I would find at a supermarket. Add a little peppercorn sauce and it’s a feast for a king/ or Queen in my case.


For now the rest of the meat products are in my freezer waiting to be defrosted and cooked as I need them. I will be writing more posts as I go so please look out for them and also pay a trip to Roaming roosters website. Their meat is excellent quality and comes without the high cost.
They can also be found across your social networks.



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