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Next month is Fathers Day, which also happens to fall the same day as my birthday this year (15th June). Not only that but Father’s Day this year also coincides with the World Cup. The first England game kicks off the night before on June 14. Now I have absolutely no idea who England are playing and to be honest I couldn’t care less. I absolutely hate football and have very little interest in it.
The outcome of this England game will more or less determine the mood of thousands of men across the country on Father’s Day. Therefore it may be a good idea to get that extra special present for that special man in your life for this special day. By special man I mean Father, partner, Grandfather, Step Father and anyone else you may consider a Father figure in your life or your children’s.

Most men are hard to buy for. Most men have cupboards full of aftershave, cheap shower gels and socks and do not need nor want anymore. What most Fathers love are there gadgets and gizmos and what are commonly known as “Boys toys”. Well I am certainly not male but I too love these things and have had the pleasure of trying one out.

This is probably the worlds smallest Quadrocopter. It recently received two awards at the London and Nuremberg toy fairs this year.
This 2.4GH NanoQuad is tiny. It measures just 45mm length and width and 10mm high yet it flies with amazing speed and very high.


It fits snuggly in the palm of my hand. When I first unpacked the NanoQuad I thought it looked very fragile, like it would break on take off, but this tiny gizmo proved me wrong.
The NanoQuad is controlled with a remote control which is also quite small in comparison to other R.C controllers.

The controller takes 2AA batteries which are not included. The Nano Quad charges via USB lead on my laptop and an initial charge of 45 minutes is recommended. Instructions are included in many languages.


To start the Nano Quad, the left stick on the controller must be facing down. The controller and Nano Quad are then switched on.

The Nano Quad lights up and the controller light turns green to indicate it is ready. I then stand behind the Nano Quad and off it goes,


It takes off with speed. It flies extremely high and it takes time to get used to the controls. It crashed quite a lot on my first few attempts.
I practiced in my kitchen and on one attempt it flew out of the window. You can view this attempt here on YOU TUBE

The GHz technology of this tiny gizmo matches the quality of larger models. For stable take-offs and landings, speed sweeping or fast rotations, the mini power pack is highly responsive and the unit weighs only 11.5g. The eye-catching, built-in LED lights make it easy to see, while the electronic gyro provides smooth, stable flight. Features 4-channel, 2.4GHz-Transmitter with trim control and easy battery charging via the USB connection.


The Nano Quad comes with an age guide of 15+. This is because it is NOT a toy, nor meant as one. It contains very small parts and flies very fast. If it lands on you it can hurt as I found out. There is of course nothing to say that children cannot stand by and watch (under adult supervision of course).

I can imagine most Fathers or men in general would love this Big boys toy I can just picture a group of men flying these at a barbecue or garden party, even having competitions on which of theirs flies the highest.
A spare set of blades is also included. I do fine they seem to come off every now and again but are easy enough to re attach.

The Nano Quad is made by RevellIt can be purchased via Amazon at a very low price of Β£31.16 and is also eligible for free delivery.
More details can be found at Revell and on their FACEBOOK page



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