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Me me me cosmetics is owned by Lifestyle Aesthetics. They have an online boutique full of luxury yet affordable cosmetics and handbag essentials. The majority of products cost under Β£10, which in comparison to most shops that sell cosmetics: it’s a very big difference.
They offered to send me over some of their products and I had absolutely no idea what I would be receiving. It was a nice surprise.

Well this pretty little box arrived, tied with a ribbon. This I thought was a lovely touch. I have ordered many cosmetics off line, and none of them arrived gift boxes like this.

So here are my products, both from the Eye Section

First is a Sultry eyes eyeshadow trio.

The palette is a trio of brown shades which happen to be my favourite eye shadow colour. I find the brown tones seem to suit my skin and tone and also go well with what ever I wear. There was no eyeshadow applicator with the palette but I already have a few plus tend to apply with my fingers most of the time anyway.
The eyeshadow is powder based and I found it easy enough to apply with both applicator brush and fingers. The colours can be used individually or blended together to give a smoky eye effect.
Not too sure how well you can see my eyes on this selfie.

Of course I would look much better of on a night out. For Β£5.50 you can’t really go wrong with this. It is 3 eye shadows in one and if browns aren’t your thing then there are 4 other colour palettes to choose from.

After applying eyeshadow, the next step for me at least is usually mascara. Which also happens to be my other product.
Dark & Divine mascara is a high gloss jet black enriched formula and ideal for thicker fuller lashes.

The mascara brush seems an adequate size, not too thick. The solution came out in just the right amount. I have found with a few mascaras that the solution can be runny and end up every where, or too thick or dry and nothing comes out!. This one seemed just right and for a change my eyes were smudge free. I’m very messy sometimes when putting this on you see.

Yes it makes my lashes look a little thicker and fuller which is what it says on the box. This particular mascara costs Β£8.
Both of these products will be going in my handbag for every day use and touch ups. I love my make up and am very choosy about what products I use. These two get my thumbs up for price, ease of use and quality.

Visit Mememe cosmetics for more information.

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