Getting worse not better

This morning I wrote about Izebella teething. I’m now a little worries it may be something more than just teething or that her teething has triggered an infection.
I took her temperature before which came up as 37.1. Not too sure I did this correct but she was burning up. I stripped her down and rang the hospital which was engaged (typical) give her some calprofen. She was very sleepy and I noticed her face (bottom jaw) all red and swollen as in this photograph.

It looks like a bruise, but it isn’t it’s her face or her teeth causing it.
So I’m thinking all sorts. Mumps, meningitis the whole lot.

The medicine seems to have kicked in, as does the vest only. She has cooked down a little and Peppa Pig on tv has cheered her up for now.
I will be ringing the doctor first thing in the morning for an emergency appointment. I a expecting another sleepless night and may just bed-down downstairs with her, so to not wake the others.
Just hoping it’s nothing too serious.


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