Optrex eye revive

I was sent the new Optrex eye revive moisture mist as part of my Bzz agent involvement.
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Optrex is of course a leading brand when it comes to eye care products. I have in the past used Optrex drops both for myself and children for common problems such as conjunctivitis.
The new product is designed for dry eyes which can be caused by all sorts of day to day things such as central heating, air conditioning and of course in my case- computer screens. Yes I spend too much time on one.
The moisture must works both in and around the eyes and is sprayed over closed eyes. It stabilises the lipid layer of tear film and restores the eyes natural moisture barrier.

My first thoughts on this were how small the bottle is. It’s only 10ml and I am unsure if it comes in bigger bottles or this is the standard one. I’m guessing a little must go a long way as only one spray per eye is really needed.
I am always wary about putting anything into my eye and this was no different. I shut my eyes took a deep breath and sprayed. It was fine, no pain or stinging.

After spraying my tired eyes felt a little cooler and quite refreshed.
I cannot find much information regarding age suitability as I am hoping Jordanna can use this product too. She suffers from eye problems. Every so often she will get a sore red weepy eye which lasts for a day. Unsure of the cause but hoping this product may just help.
The moisture mist is currently available from Boots at Β£15.99. It is also available through Amazon and various other places.

(I received this product free as part of my Bzz campaign. I am under no obligation to write a blog post about this product and nor am I in anyway paid to do so. The wording in this post is totally my own doing)

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