I have received a very useful book. Not only is it a useful calendar, but also a great diary, organiser, memo and doodle book. It’s called a Dodo pad and it’s anything but extinct. Here it is.

They do of course come in many other, shape, sizes, designs and colours and boasts multiple uses for all sorts of planning and every day tasks.
My Dodo pad comes spiral bound. Throughout the pad I find a page for each day of the year. Here’s my birthday week.

Throughout the yearly diary pages are several important (and less important) dates which are pre printed in. These dates include the UK bank holidays, all the big festival dates such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween etc and a fair few historical dates too. I have also spotted some American and Australian holiday dates too which I guess comes in handy if you have relatives over there.
Each page is differently coloured with fun cartoon style images scattered around.

On the page adjacent to the weekly calendar pages is a coloured blank page for doodles and memos. Well I say blank and it is almost, except for a cool quirky image and scribbled of jokes, poems or a bit of factual history on the page somewhere. Just like this.

This seems to add to the fun of this pad and much better than looking at a boring blank page I think.
At the front of the pad is a brief introduction to the Dodo pad and how to get the best use along with a 2014/2015 page calendar and pages to plot birthdays too.

Then at the back of the book are similar pages for 2015. More pages for memos and a handy flap pocket for keeping notes and bits and bats

The Dodo pad comes in useful both for blogging, work, study and just leaving at home by the phone with a pen so I can easily take notes should anyone call.
This Dodo pad desk diary is currently on a very special offer at just Β£6.49, half the normal price. Many other Dodo pad items are also available at half price. The range can be found here

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