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The Frances Lincoln company was found by Frances Lincoln in 1977. In 1983 they began publishing illustrated children’s books. Since then they have won multiple awards and today they continue to publish books for both adults and children as well as illustrated stationary items.
My children were sent over a selection of books. As you know from previous posts, they love reading and love new books and stories. They arrived right before the Easter holidays too meaning they can sit up and read all night as no early mornings.

A few days ago I reviewed When Angus met Alvin. You can also win yourself a copy of the book by going to

The other books are The Ice Bear & Goldilocks on CCTV

The Ice Bear is a book by Jackie Morris. The illustrations in this book are just superb. There is so much detail involved in each picture and my kids just love reading it.

The story is set in the cold Arctic regions and tells the story of a rather naughty raven taking a bear child from his mother. A hunter and his wife find the child who then wonders off. The story tells a tale of loss and trickery. It’s quite a lovely heart warming story which is really good for cuddling up and reading to young children.
First the child is taken as a baby, then the child when older goes missing from the hunter and finds the mother bear. His human father goes searching for him and finds him with the bears.

RRP Β£6.99

Goldilocks on CCTV
When you first hear the title, you will probably be mistaken thinking this is a goldilocks fairy tale story with parts altered.
It’s actually very different from the Goldilocks story and is not a story at all. It’s a selection of fabulous fun poems.
The poems are based on several well known fairytales and characters but with a twist. They are modernised and bought into the 21st Century.
In the poems you will find the likes of Goldilocks herself plus Cinderella, Rapunzel, 7 Dwarfs and many more. Here is just one of those poems. This one is based on at the giant from Jack & the Beanstalk.

It’s an absolute jewel of modern day funny twisty rhymes and poems.

As far as age goes, the website says it’s aimed at 10 and over which I say is pretty much bang on. Ryan loves it whilst Jordanna finds it ever so slightly to grasp what it’s all about. This is just the sort of book that I would of loved at age 10.

The poems are fun to read and pack a certain mischievous element to them. This book certainly has the jokey comical factor to it which most ten year olds love and it’s also very very modern.
The poems contain illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura which are sort of cartoon/sketch style and black & white which adds to the whole funkiness of this great book.


The book is written by John Agard and comes with an RRP of Β£8.99

Both titles and many more can be purchased directly from Frances Lincoln

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