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We all love brand new books in our house. The newness of how they feel and the shine and the smell. Books are a very important source of education for children of all ages. Unfortunately with the growing age of technology and tablets, less children seen to be reading enough.
QED publishing sells a whole host of great books for children. The age range starts with babies and toddler age 0-2 years and goes right up to books for teenagers.
A lovely selection of children’s books arrived at our door and kids are really enjoying reading them.


My little book of Space. The “my little book” is a range on it’s own. There are four titles to choose from and they are aimed at 5 years and over. I knew Ryan would love this as he has some obsession with science and space. The book provides interesting facts about space such what the Sun is and a page by page guide to all the planets. Ryan also found lots of interesting stuff on astronauts and rockets with a useful glossary at the back. This book will certainly help with any Space themed work or school projects.
The book is hard backed and costs approximately Β£7.99.


I love hugs & kisses
What a sweet little book this is. It is written by Camilla de la BΓ©doyΓ¨re. It’s aimed at children 3 and over but I have found Izebella loves to be read it. The books pages feature lots of adorable animals with their young babies. It explains in very easy big text the way each animal looks after their young. There is lots of useful facts telling us how many babies each animal has in a year. It’s pretty good for youngsters learning animal names too.
This book costs just Β£5.99


Biography: Isaac Newton
QED publishing has lots of biography books to pick from. Ryan also loves his history and Geography and basically just learning. The biographies are available with six different very famous historical figures. Ryan has the Isaac Newton biography. Before receiving the book I don’t think he knew who Isaac Newton was or what he did. The biography contains inspiring details about Newtons life exploring his inventions and key achievements. The book comes highly illustrated with images and photographs throughout. The ideal age for the biographies is 9 and over which suits Ryan perfectly. Again these biographies would provide great assistance for school work.


I love dogs & puppies
This book is Jordannas favourite and she has read it over and over. The book explores 50 popular dog breeds and shows images of a different breed on every page. With the images come a brief but interesting explanation of each breed. The text includes where the breed first originated from, how big they can grow and the dogs temperament.
It’s a lovely guide which helps children identify different breeds. It may also help a family choose the perfect pooch for their family pet.
Aimed at 5 years and over. The book features a flexi cover and costs Β£8.99. Similar books are available for cat breeds, horses and baby animals.


Well my kids seem to be busy like bees with their new books.
If you want to purchase any of the above books or view other titles. Head to QED publishing


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