Little Wigwam Games: What’s in your street/Supermarket

We have recently been trying out some fun games from Little Wigwam. They are called What’s in your supermarket and What’s in your street.

The games both play exactly the same way but have different themes. One being items you find in a supermarket and shopping bag and the other are street objects such as signs, veichles and houses.
Each game consists of 4 game cards, 28 picture cards and four bonus cards. Up to 4 people can play.

The aim of the game is to turn the 28 picture cards over and match the pictures on your playing card by taking turns to reveal a card on your turn.

These games remind me of a few games I used to play as a child. Such as matching pairs, old shopping games and in a way, even like kiddie bingo.
It’s all abut memory and remembering where each picture card is and matching it to their own board.

The games are fun to play in the evening. They don’t last long and the winner is the one who finds all the pictures on their board first.
There are also bonus cards. One being a wild card which means it can be used to cover any item on the players board. Then there is a miss a turn card which my kids hate finding. A take two card which lets the player turn two cards over and the dreaded put one back. Jordanna seems to find this a lot and has to put a card back each time.
To make it a little more tricky I tend to put the bonus cards back in and mix the cards up again.

The games come with an age guide of 3-7 years. Ryan joins in with us but obviously finds it easy. I will soon be introducing Izebella to the game too. She is quite clever and knows lots of words for the age of 18 months. She is also quite sociable and happily joins in things. Plus the cards are quite strong and sturdy and not the type to easily break.
I think the cards will introduce her to new words and pictures even if she can’t yet understand how to play the game properly.
The cards come with a non reflective Matt finish which makes them easier to read and the pictures designed by a top digital artist.
Both games cost Β£7.95 each at Little Wigwam
They can also be purchased via Amazon for just Β£5.00


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  1. familyfever
    April 8, 2014 / 16:46

    Oh I like the look of these – nice and short so little ones don’t get bored, and something they can relate to easily. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

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