Dentyl Active

I have been trying out a new mouthwash for the past two weeks. It is called Dentyl Active
It differs greatly from other mouth washes out there. It contains a blend of both essential oils and antibacterial agents and acts as a multiphase cleaner. Before using the mouthwash I first need to shake the bottle well. This mixes the various products in the bottle which work together. If you don’t shake the bottle you end up with a mouth full of harmless oil which I found out on first use. Shaking the bottle physically activates the two phases.
Once shaken and mixed well, when the mouthwash in the bottle is the same colour, I can then swish and gargle for 30 seconds. The mouthwash formula moves around my mouth, lifting and absorbing bacteria and debris.
When the 30 seconds is up and I spit the mouthwash out, I can clearly see what has been removed from my mouth.
The particles and bacteria show up in bright colours in the sink. (Photo below) I was actually quite shocked to see how much gunk was in my mouth even after brushing well.
The plaque fighter mouthwash comes in both mint and clove. I’m not a mint lover but this one doesn’t taste too bad, not too strong. I do prefer the clove one. The taste reminds me of cough sweets and the mouth bacteria comes pout bright pink. There are other types of Dentyl Active too as well as the Plaque Fighter. These are Enamel restore, Complete Care and Ultra Cleanse. All of which take care of your teeth and mouth in different ways.
It really does work and it is surprising just how much comes out sometimes. It’s a bit yukky to see it in the sink, but better out than in as they say. I have found this mouthwash is great for a mid day mouth refresher too. If perhaps I find myself having a bad taste in my mouth around lunch time I will just rinse with the dentyl active. It even removes tiny food particles too that brushing sometimes misses.
Dentyl Active mouthwash is free from alcohol and therefore perfect for all the family to use (over 6 years) it does not sting the mouth and is clinically proven to kill 99.9% of bacteria.
Dentyl Active mouthwash can be found in most Supermarkets and shops such as Boots and Superdrug. It retails at approximately Β£3.15 for a 500ml bottle. Only half a cap ful is needed each time.
As promised here is the photo of the brightly coloured bacteria in my sink.

This is what it will look like using the clove dentyl active. Not the nicest thing but at least you can see and know it’s no longer floating about your mouth.

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