The Value of Mum

With Mother’s Day just a few days away. Do you ever wonder just how much your mum is worth or you as a mother are worth. All the jobs you do without a thank you or a payment.
Prezzybox have a great and interesting article about just how much a mothers job is worth. If someone was to employ a mum, how much would she be paid? After all a mum does much more than just one job,
A mothers work never ends. A mothers many roles include but not limited to,

How much would all these jobs be worth?
Prezzy box has come up with some fun graphs to break down the hours and costs of what a normal mum does everyday. Weekends,Bank hols and Christmas Day included. Mum does not get a day off.



So this Mother’s Day. Think about everything your mum has done for you and everything she still does even as an adult. Buy her something very special and show her just how much she means to you. One day your wonderful mum won’t be there.

For a great selection of gifts, take a look at the Prezzybox website.>

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