Facing my biggest Fears

Today was a day that I have been worrying about for weeks. I didn’t want to post until now as writing about it would of made me more on edge.
Today I finally pulled myself together and faced my fear.
I went to the Dentist.

This may sound silly to some but in have had huge dental phobia for years. I cannot remember where it stems from but I do briefly recall a painful experience as a child. It seems since being an adult every dental experience has been a bad one. Either embarrassing or painful.
I am unfortunate to inherit bad teeth. Both my parents have some false teeth, my dad a full set in his twenties and my mum a fair few too. I brush my teeth well twice daily. Unfortunately I have teeth at the back which are cracked and other things which need doing.
My last dental visit was awful. It was about 5 years ago and a female who wasn’t nice not gentle. Needless to say after 3 visits I refused to go again.
Last year I got fed up and registered at a practice near me back in July. They had a long waiting list but my children were seen last month and me today.
I sat in the waiting room, my heart pounding, my head fuzzy. The wait was 15 minutes and then they called my name.
Up I went and was greeted by a lovely lady. I told her I was nervous and she sat me down and had a little chat. A lovely lady.
I had X rays and do need a bit of work doing, but now I don’t feel as scared. It just goes to show they’re not all bad after all.



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