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If I’m being honest I hadn’t really given much thought to kids vitamins. When I think about their diet tho and activities and things they do, I do start to consider if they are getting what they need in way of vitamins and nutrition.
Jordanna has been unwell lately. It’s either headaches and tummy aches or leg aches or itchy skin. I’m unsure if her conditions are related or separate issues. It’s hard to tell if it’s down to growing pains or wanting time of school or something more serious but the doctor is doing a few tests and keeping an eye out. Her being unwell could also be down to her diet and lack of something or other too.
I was sent a selection of kids vitamins from Higher Nature. They sell an assortment of vitamins and nutrients and products for well being and a children’s range is included.

The products are all suitable for children aged 3 and over and are designed with kids in mind, therefore no nasty tastes and fun shapes.

Smart Focus

These look and taste like round jelly sweets. They contain essential Omega oils which contribute to brain function. These aid towards children being more focused at school. 30 in pack.

Vital Vits

Vital Vits have 19 essential vitamins and mineral inside them. They are perfect for fussy eaters to support their diets. They come in 3 different shapes and flavours too. Mango, Lime and raspberry. 30 in pack which means if you have one child that’s a whole months worth.

Vitamin D3 Sunshine spray

This is a very easy to use spray packed with essential Vitamin D. Vitamin D is normally produced in the skin on exposure to sun light but 60% of the UK population are deficient. One tube contains a massive 8 months supply. It has a minty and slightly fruity taste and just one spray into the mouth per day is all that’s needed for that Vitamin D boost.

Relax & Unwind

These satchets make a great bed time drink. The powder is simply added to warm/hot water and mixed. They contain both calcium and magnesium which is needed by the body for bone growth and development. They also have the natural amino acid known as theanine which is known to aid relaxation making them a great way to relax kids after a busy day. They come in boxes of 10 with a lovely mixed berry flavour.

My kids enjoy taking the vitamins, infact they often ask for another one which obviously I don’t give them. They are very easy for children to take given their shapes and fruity flavours. I’m unable to say if the vitamins have an effect on their day to day lifestyles as it’s an ongoing thing. I am glad I have been introduced to them and will continue to buy more. It’s not really something I would of thought about previously although I know it’s important for children to have the right amount of vitamins and minerals inside them.
I’m hoping they may help Jordanna feel a little better now she has more good stuff inside her. Ryan has always been a very fussy eater and refuses to eat any sort of vegetables so I know these will be benefiting his diet too.
The Higher Nature kids range starts from just Β£5.50.


  1. Anonymous
    March 19, 2014 / 13:38

    I always wonder if I should be giving my kids vitamins or not – might have to look into it again. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  2. March 20, 2014 / 17:33

    i only started giving my nearly 4yr old boy vitamins (those chewable ones) because my MW told me about them after the recent birth of my baby girl i love the spray what a fab idea! great review

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