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Keith Brymer Jones is a British ceramic designer and maker whose distinctive pieces have graced stylish homes for over two decades. He began his career entirely hand making unique domestic pieces in earthenware and porcelain, in which form and function combine to produce tactile modern ceramics durable enough for everyday use.
Keith Brymer Jones sell a whole range of beautiful and contemporary items to compliment your home. Everything from kitchen wares to bathroom accessories plus a range of funky fabrics such as aprons and oven mitts can be bought.

Having recently moved house I am getting a little frustrated that things are taking so long to get my house the way I want it. I still need to do a lot of decorating and my rooms are lacking much needed accessories and gadgets.
I was very happy to receive some beautiful kitchen items from Keith Brymer Jones.
First are the bucket mugs. These mugs are just so cool and funky.

The mugs boast a rather minimalistic design, made from super white porcelain with a stand out slogan imprinted in the middle, no one will have any doubts who these mugs belong to. The white colour ensures they will blend in with just about any kitchen decor. The mugs are available with of different words, some of them rather funny or a little naughty. Mine say Mummy which would be perfect for Mother’s Day and Goddess which speaks for itself being my cup ?. The mugs can be purchased directly for Β£10 each.

Now here is an accessory I believe no kitchen should be without.

I’m not sure what it is about Pestle and Mortar sets that I love so much but I really like them. I think they look quite retro and vintage and they just seem to stand out when I see them in someone’s kitchen.
The Small Pestle and Mortar from Keith Brymer Jones, is actually anything but small. For small it’s impressively quite a good size and certainly packs some weight into it ensuring the user of it’s sturdiness and quality which is needed for one of these or they just end up breaking.

The bowl has the words Crush imprinted on it and that’s exactly what you do with one of these beauties. You crush and crush again until your herbs or foods are crushed to pulp or powder. It’s actually quite fun using it and can be a great stress reliever too.
This certainly isn’t one of those things that should be stored in a cupboard until needed. Oh no I believe it should sit proudly on a kitchen side to be stared at in awe. Even if you don’t use one often, there should still be one on display.
Well here’s mine in use for the first time. Crushing up peanuts for an orientalise type dish I made.

The nuts were well and truly crushed after I’d finished.
The pestle and mortar washes well with a little soap and water. Then put back out on display for the next use.
It costs Β£30 and will usually last a lifetime if treated right.
To see what beautiful accessories you can kit out your home with, head to KeithBrymerJones

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