Ella’s Kitchen: Toddler range

Ellas Kitchen is a well known renowned for it’s tasty baby food range and has recently introduced a selection of meals for toddlers too. Known as “My little big meals”, they are aimed at little ones aged 12 months and over and designed with growing toddlers in mind.

Like most parents of one year olds I do usually make her food myself. However there are times when parents don’t have much time or are out and about and therefore need a quick easy meal option.
The new range from Ella’s Kitchen comes in 6 different tasty varieties. Each flavour is bursting with at least 5 different fruit & vegans full of big taste, and free from anything added.
The pots are so simple and quick to use. You simply need to pop them in the microwave for a minute or so, stir and dinner is served.

Leaving lots more time for play and other things.
Izebella happily tried the Full of beans pork stew which I knew she would like as she seems to love her beans. Also Creamy Cocnutty chicken curry which I wasn’t too sure if she would enjoy or not but she seemed quite happy with it.
The My little big meals come in 200g pots which seems to be sufficient for one meal. At least for Izebella anyway. These pots can probably be found in most supermarkets on the baby food aisle.

As well as the big meal pots, Ella’s Kitchen also has a range of tasty snacks for toddlers.

These include puffits which are like small baked crisp snacks, nibbly fingers which are chewy fruit bars, yummy cookies and squished smoothie fruit pouches. Again all of them contain fruits and vegetables and all very healthy for little ones.

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