Degustabox February & Discount Code

I was delighted to be sent another Degustabox. It arrived a little late which was no fault of the lovely people at Degustabox but probably more a courier problem. It happens after all.
The wait was certainly worth it and February’s box did not disappoint one bit.

Just look at all these wonderful goodies. I was amazed at just how much was in one box.
If you didn’t see my January Degustabox post you can view it here where you will also find info on Degustabox rather than me repeating it all again.
February’s box is packed with so many wonderful things that’s it’s hard to know which one to try first. There are many snack items along with products you can cook or make things with, this giving so much variety for us Degustabox lovers.

Inside my box is:


1) Soreen: both a fruity toasty malt loaf (perfect for breakfasts) and banana lunchbox loaves. Which both myself and my kids love. Perfect for healthy after school snacks too.

2) Yu Granola: I was very happy to see something from Yu in my box. I tried a variety of their snacks last year and enjoyed them. This is Yu Granola and Strawberry and the packet contains 5 individual bags. Again great little healthy treats for kids and myself of course.

3) Scheckters energy drinks: The first organic, vegetarian and Fairtrade sport certified drink. Sparkling and very refreshing after a walk or work out. In two fruity varieties.

4) Maggi so juicy: I love the Maggi recipes, they give chicken a whole new flavour. So easy to use too. Just pop the chicken and flavouring in the enclosed bag and cook.

5) Tyrells Apple crisps: The apple crisis are made purely from an apple and come in plain apple and smashingly cinnamon varieties.

6)Bahlsen Waffeleten: ooh I just love finding choccy surprises hidden in my box of goodies. I love Bahlsen biscuits too and it have not tried these before. They are like big rolls of wafer dipped in thick dark chocolate.

7)Bahlsen Pick up: another lovely Bahlsen treat. This time crunchy biscuit sandwiches.

8) English Provender co: Juicy fruity chutneys and sauces. Two were in my box. This is certainly a new product to me which I will enjoy trying and finding new recipes to use them with. I think they go well with crackers and cheese and can also be used in baking as well as an accompaniment with certain meats.

9) Ryvita Thins Bites: a new product from Ryvita and a far cry from the well known crisp breads. They come in two varieties and are bite sized snacks with just 80 calories per serving.

10) Peppadew Piquante peppers: these have many uses both in cooking, eating alone and can be added to drinks for cocktails. They have a delicious sweet taste

With the food products comes information leaflets about the companies and also a few recipe ideas.

I have tried out lots of food subscription boxes and have to say that Degustabox comes out on top. Both with it’s very low price of just Β£12.99 per month and the amount of varying contents inside the box. I got a total of 16 products this month which adds up to much more than the Β£12.99 cost.
If you don’t fancy the Degustabox yourself or think it isn’t something you would use then perhaps get one as a gift. Maybe get a cheap basket or pretty box and make up a little hamper with your Degustabox products. It would cost much less than buying something similar and the products inside are really nice.
To find out more about Degustabox and how to get one. Visit Degustabox

Discount Code
To get Β£3 off your Degustabox simply enter this code at checkout. JXE73

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