Braun high speed thermometer

Every parent with a young child should have a thermometer in their cupboard. You never know when a child is going to get sick and a high temperature can often be the first symptom of a mild to serious illness.

The Braun high speed PRT100 thermometer is designed for oral, underarm or rectal use. It delivers professional accuracy, with a reading given in just ten seconds.
It has a soft flexible tip and a large LCD display which makes it easy to read. There is also an added memory feature that enables parents to monitor temperature changes.

I found the thermometer very easy to use. It switches on and off with the touch of a button and only takes a second or two to be ready to use. I took my own temperature orally to test it out. The reading was complete within ten seconds and it beeps so you know it’s done.

Featuring a flexible, soft tip for added comfort, the thermometer has a large LCD display making it easy to read and a memory feature that enables parents to monitor temperature changes over a period of time.

The thermometer comes with a cover to protect when not in use.

This is certainly one thing that parents should buy and store next to or in their first aid box/cupboard. Serious illnesses such as meningitis usually start with a high temperature although a high temperature in a child can mean a whole host of things including teething in babies.
Here is a chart showing what the normal body temperature range is.

The Braun thermometer comes with a full instruction booklet which has instructions in several languages.
For further details of the thermometer and where to buy, visit Braun website.

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