Chamberlain’s Leather Milk

If you own leather sofas you will know just how expensive they can be to purchase. Even a small armchair will set you back a few hundred pounds. Many leather sofas and suites cost over a thousand. So it’s important that our leather furniture gets looked after otherwise it’s more money to replace them.
Leather is after all like a skin and over time it will start to lose it’s natural oils and moisture. When this happens the leather can harden and crack due to losing durability and flexibility. Once it’s starts to crack, holes and tears will appear in your expensive furniture meaning they have to be upholstered or replaced. Both of which can be very expensive.
Finding the right products for your leather furniture is therefore important to keep it both clean and to prevent cracks and dryness.
Chamberlains Leather Milk is the perfect product for anything Leather.

Chamberlains Leather milk is a leather conditioner which differs from a Leather Cleaner. This Leather milk will perform as a mild leather cleaner but for a more intense clean, Chamberlains has other products to use.
I liked the look of the bottle. It had a rather old fashioned feel to it, like something you would find in one of those old tucked away shops. I found the smell very pleasant. A lot of leather products I have used in the past smelt like cleaning products but this leather milk has a lovely aroma of almonds and makes the whole room smell good.
Before using the Leather Milk it’s best to give your furniture a good wipe down first. Then test a small amount of the product at the back of the sofa to make sure it does not give any unwanted effects.
The Leather Milk comes with a buffer sponge and the way to use is simply by pouring a few drops onto the sponge and applying.

You only need to apply thin even layers to prevent over conditioning and you don’t need to use much of the product so it should last a long time.
It certainly made my sofas look much cleaner and shinier again.

With 3 children my sofas take a lot of jumping on and therefore I need the Chamberlains products to make them last a lot longer.
Chamberlains Leather Milk recipes are 100% natural and free from harsh chemicals. They are formulated to keep leather products looking healthy and feeling soft and luxurious for years to come. It’s important to test the Leather Milk before using as Leather comes in many finishes and textures. Different types of leather require different amounts of conditioning.
You can purchase Chamberlains Leather Milk via Amazon
More information can also be found at Chamberlains web page

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