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I was contacted by Maps International to see if I would like to review one of their personalised maps. I immediately thought of my son Ryan. He absolutely loves subjects such as Science, Geography and History. He loves looking at books and maps, finding out how things work, where places are and where things come from. Also as we recently moved house; he now has the box room and we are still deciding how to decorate his room.
There are a choice of different maps to choose from at Maps International with many developed in mind for children. They come in various sizes and you can choose your own personalisation, names, letter colouring and border colouring and choose to have the map laminated and board mounting for hanging.
Ryan’s map arrived in a huge box with lots of packaging to keep it from damage. It has his name on and we were very impressed with how big it is.

The map measures approximately 103×70 cms and really stands out as a main feature on his wall.
Having the map up saves the need for buying fancy wallpaper. He now just wants his wall painting and the map to be put back up once done. The map has a hanging part at the back and just needs a picture hook to be hung with.
The map is colourful and bright and shows every country of the world including many rather remote Islands.

Each countries capital is also displayed next to a star symbol which will really come in useful for any Geography homework. After all many children know the capitals of England, Spain and the USA but what about Madagascar or the Marshall Islands?
By having this beautiful map on his wall he will easily see what country is where and what it’s capital city is.

Around the map edges are numbers which I assume are to do with longitude and latitude and map plotting (my 9 year old son probably understands this much better than me)

Having this map is like having a huge piece of knowledge and education right on your bedroom wall as well as it looking quite decorative and covering up any messy walls. Ryan loves it and always pointing out which places he’s been and where he would like to go.
The map also comes with map pins. Which I assume are for plotting where you have been etc. I haven’t given these Ryan due to him only being 9 but they probably come in handy for adults who travel a lot.
The maps cost from Β£35 – Β£120 depending on size and detail. Ryan’s came mounted on a board and is pretty strong a durable. So it’s definitely worth getting the board option with your map.
I can imagine looking at his map and handing me a list of all the places he now wants to go on a holiday too.
Visit Maps International to find your perfect personalised map for your home.

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