Hotel Tycoon

Hotel Tycoon is a 3 dimensional board game from Esdevium games. It’s a family game for both adults and children with a recommended age of 8 and over.

Inside the box is:
1 x game board
28 x buildings
8 x recreational facilities
8 x title deeds
1 x control tower
1 x hanger
30 x hotel entrances
1 x pack on bank notes
4 x airplanes
2 x dice

The concept of the game is to but hotel deeds, develop hotels and collect money from guests, bankrupting other players in the process.
Before playing the game you do need to build the 3d structures around the board- Hotels, hangars, etc.
The game is quite similar to Monopoly in that one player is the banker and players start off with so much money each ($12000), players move around the board by a throw of a dice and are able to buy title deeds for land adjacent to the square they land on. Once they have purchased a deed they can now try to obtain planning permission via a special dice. After this they are able to build more buildings and facilities. If another player lands on a hotel owned by another player, they then have to pay them. Players are out of the game when they have no money, land or hotel left. The winner is the last player in the game.

Hotel Tycoon is a good family game that will certainly fill an hour or so on a rainy day. It takes a little getting used to and we had to keep reverting back to the rules on our first few goes. Younger children may not understand and will need lots of help playing.
If you enjoy playing Monopoly then you will enjoy this too.

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