Biscuit Butter: you just got to try it!

Close your eyes and imagine if you can your favourite sweet buttery biscuit all crunched/grounded up into a delicious buttery spread. Sounds Devine doesn’t it? Well now it’s actually here and quite simply called Biscuit Butter
Biscuit Butter was invented five years back in Belgium and even appeared on the Belgium version of Dragons Den.
Biscuit butter is made using the Belgian biscuit Speculoos and turning it into a paste. It was originally named Speculoos paste in Belgium and the Speculoos biscuit has a sweet caramelised flavour with a hint of cinammon.
Biscuit Butter has very recently come to the UK market after lots of significant research last year to find a suitable name and brand for it.
Biscuit Butter has many uses. It’s highly recommended for spreading on toast and can also be used in sandwiches, crackers, pancakes, even milkshakes or used in cooking.

Biscuit Butter comes in both a smooth and crunchy variety. I was sent a jar of each over to sample.

When Ryan and Jordanna first saw the Biscuit butter they assumed on first glance that it was simply a new type of peanut butter. When I told them it was called Biscuit Butter they looked at me strangely like I was nuts. Then they asked to try some.
Biscuit Butter looks and has a consistency very similar to Peanut Butter.

The taste is amazing, like nothing I have ever tried. Ryan thought it tasted like peanut butter but without peanuts and add sweet digestives instead (his words not mine). I do agree that the taste has slight similarities to sweet digestives but much better. It’s very hard to describe it’s taste. It’s very sweet, toffee like and buttery at the same time. It’s amazing stuff but very addictive, the sort of thing you can’t help but dip a spoon into every time you open the cupboard.
The smooth and crunchy vary in taste and texture. Smooth being free of lumps and bits. Ever so slightly dry when eaten but delicious all the same whilst crunchy is just how it sounds, all the great taste of the smooth variety but with crunchy parts included.
This is the biscuit butter on some crackers just to show you what it looks like out of the jar.

It doesn’t look much different to peanut butter but tastes much better and comes without the nuts.
We are looking forward to thinking up new ideas of what to make with this amazing spread. Perhaps include it in a few smoothie recipes and of course pancake day isn’t too far off.
As Biscuit Butter is very new to the UK, it is not yet available everywhere. You can find a full list of Where to buy here and can buy direct from Belgique UK too.
If your looking for something different and enjoy peanut butter, chocolate spread and butter biscuits then you will absolutely love this stuff.


  1. February 21, 2014 / 14:40

    I’ve never heard of it before but it does seem like such a fab idea!! Yum!!

  2. Lorna Craig
    February 21, 2014 / 18:56

    Oh my! I hate peanut butter but this looks WOW! I can’t wait to try it, although I may have to avoid the scales for a while!

    • February 21, 2014 / 19:16

      Ha well I never said it was the healthiest thing but it is delicious

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