Half term refreshments from Cawston Press

Do you remember my post last year for the Cawston Press new kids blends? My children loved them and were very happy to beable to try out two amazing new flavours during their half term.

The drinks come in handy 200ml cartons which include straws. The juice itself is made from pressed fruit, shaken up with water and is free from added sugars. Cawston Press make sure only the best fruits are picked and used in their juices before adding a splash of water. The two new tasty flavours are Apple & Blackcurrant and Apple & Summer Berries. I have taken this photograph off the carton so you can see exactly what goes into these juices.

You can clearly see the majority is simply water and natural fruit juices and nothing harmful.
I poured out one of the juices so that Izebella could try some too. (She can drink from a straw just about but gets a little messy)

This is the Apple & Summer Berries juice (red carton) poured out into a cup. I could instantly tell this was pure natural juice by it’s colour and cloudiness and certainly not concentrated.
The juices are refreshing and not too sweet. They taste like fresh juice and make great drinks during half term time when I’m running around doing house work, kids can just grab a carton and drink. They are also a great healthier option for lunch boxes and trips out too.
The drinks are also free from sweeteners, colours, additives and preservatives.
Look out for Cawston press kids blends in supermarkets soon.


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